Attract World Peace Through Quantum Physics

Attract World Peace Through Quantum Physics

25 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Quantum Physics World Peace

Today with the world seemingly at war the cry for World Peace is heard loud and clear.

But before we can attain World Peace we must first understand what peace is. Peace is an energy. It is not a word nor a concept, idea or ideology.

It is an energy. Therefore the bottom line for World Peace is that the energy called Peace must pervade our physical reality. It must inundate the planet Earth.

The only way that the energy called “Peace” can be brought to the planet Earth is through Man. Individual man. Man is a step down transformer between the Mind of God and the world.

Man is the only entity on the physical plane that has the ability to attract the energy of “Peace” and radiate it out to every other man/woman, animal, plant and mineral.

Where does man go to find the energy called “Peace.”

In the Mind of God, the Quantum Ocean. Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, we have been given a new paradigm to live by.

This paradigm is the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws simply tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean. Every thing that ever was, is or will be exists there. There is no time there, no past, present nor future. Only the Now.

There is no space there. No height, width nor length. Only the HERE.

This Quantum Ocean, Mind of God that you and I exist in is a timeless, space-less infinite point where everything else also exists.

What a marvelous definition for God. We live, move and have our existence in the Mind of God. The energy “Peace” also exists in the Quantum Oceanl Mind of God.

The reason there is no peace on the planet is because there are not enough people who have the energy of peace within them. Not enough people radiating the energy of peace into the world to off set the people who are not at peace with themselves and this is causing all the wars.

There is no way that we can force the billions of warring people to understand that they themselves are causing the wars.

But we can help at least 5% of the people on the planet to attract the peace energy out of the Mind of God and radiate it out to all others. That is all it will take to turn wars off and peace on. 5 %. Those of us who are conscious enough to understand this can start this turn around.

How? By understanding that we live in the Mind of God and with our thoughts we can both attract energies out of the Quantum Ocean and radiate them out.

To start; sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Relax, breath slowly and deeply.

Now visualize that your are surrounded by an ocean of thinking intelligent energy.

Take a deep breath and mentally say to yourself, “I am now breathing in the energy of peace into my Aura and every cell of my body. I AM PEACE.”

Now start to radiate it outward from your heart center. See your family as a concentric circle surrounding you. Send everyone in the circle the energy of peace.

Next see another concentric circle filled with your friends and acquaintances. Send them the energy of Peace.

Next a concentric circle of everyone in the town or city where you live. Send them the energy of Peace.

Next your state. Then your country. Then the whole world. See the huge concentric circle of humanity that surrounds you. Send everyone in it the energy of Peace.

These energies of Peace will find their way into enough receptive hearts in the world to turn war into Peace.

Before the world can experience Peace at least 5% of humanity must be radiating Peace. They must be Peace itself!