Bulawayo, The City of History and Nature

Bulawayo, The City of History and Nature

19 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Bulawayo is a city that has its roots embedded somewhere in prehistoric times. It kept surviving multifarious challenges of civilizations for centuries to proudly stand as the second largest city of Zimbabwe and one of the most eminent cities in the region, today. Often interchanged with different names such as ‘the city of Kings’, ‘the city of open skies’ and a few more, Bulawayo does not only hold an eminent historic significance but also knows the contemporary ways of winning hearts.

A tourist who books cheap flights to Bulawayo is certain to get a great value for his money, for the city of Bulawayo provides the charm of exhilarating attractions along with an amiable environment, quite conducive for foreigners. This multifarious city has managed to preserve all its blessings; be it cultural, historical or natural, in such a way as becomes an utterly astounding experience for those who come to visit it. Let us share with you some of Bulawayo’s top attractions.

Museum of Natural History of Bulawayo: Zimbabwe’s natural possessions are very well put to use in the form of a magnanimous cluster of the country’s top natural treasures, at the Museum of Natural History. The museum is a large reservoir of African Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Butterflies, human history, minerals and many other precious things. Being the largest museum in the entire Southern Hemisphere, the museum of natural history presents an unparalleled display of some more than 75000 specimen. Among these, however, lies one of the nature’s most spectacular marvels; the second largest mounted elephant in world. This museum is among the must-visit attractions of Bulawayo.

The Matobo Hills National Park: A truly heavenly place, the Matobo Hills National Park is a dumb folding combination for stunning natural landscapes and some of the most precious wild life creatures. Matobo, now renowned as a UNESCO world heritage site, was known to be the spiritual shelter of the Mwari cult and hence is still known to possess spiritual waves in its atmosphere. The Park has a separate wildlife reserve that spreads on a huge area. One of the most prized animals of this reserve is the white Rhinoceros along with a few others. Not only is this park a ravishing site to be at but there are a number of lodges and resorts near this park which make it an easily accessible attraction.

Bulawayo Amphitheatre: Since Bulawayo is an interesting blend of dynamic cultures and traditions, it is always a treat watching them amalgamating into a completely new flavor. The city of Bulawayo has its own theater that presents views of dramatic stage shows and live music every now and then. Bulawayo is one city in Zimbabwe that greatly celebrates any event of art including drams, music or dancing. Consequently, the city runs its own amphitheatre that regularly hosts events, dramas, dances, musical events, and even often locally famous festivals. A number of significant performances have taken place in this amphitheatre, some of which enjoy an international popularity.

Bulawayo is a city that has stacks of significant landmarks and tourist attractions. Other than the above mentioned place, do also visit the Bulawayo Art Gallery, Zimbabwe international Trade fair, central parks and the like. If you’re booking flights to Zimbabwe, plan out a couple of day’s stay at Bulawayo and you would surely earn a remarkable experience for yourself.