Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

10 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

It was Dr. Martin Luther King who chased a dream. Some 60+ years latter his dream is still being chased by too many the world over. To dream the impossible dream. It seems that is all we are capable of doing. The unfulfilled dreams of man where peace, harmony, and compassion should have been realized by now are the ever elusive dreams of so many. The world is fill with unfulfilled dreams.

Today, mankind remains on a trajectory far removed from the dreams that Dr. King had hoped for so many years ago. As a consequence we continue to be witness to the travesties playing out today. We see violent assaults against one another on a daily basis right here in the United States, we are seeing the horrific carnage in the MId-East, the continued depletion of our vital natural resources and our governments woeful lack of resolve in combating global warming.

For the past 60 years we have seen society shift away from the moral character that dominated the American landscape for much of the post World War II era. The rugged individualism and national pride of yesteryear has long since disappeared. It has been the failure of both the public, the media, and government in keeping the moral fiber that bound this nation together during the 1930’s through to the end of World War II.

Today, the commercialism aided by governmental policies have unleashed a profound disturbance in the equality of our population. The disproportion of the have’s and the have not’s is the highest level of extremes in our history. There are few of the Have’s and so, so many of the Have Not’s have deeply divided this nation. The divides are only exasperated by the continued failings of our society and government to realize this and implement reforms and policy changes that would restore much of the balance in our society.

When there is so much obstructionism in government today and when there are certain individuals that have the availability with the resources to assist in the process of creating more unity and economic balance but don’t is one of the reasons why the United States is faced with so many internal problems.

In those 60 years or so since Dr. King spoke “I have a dream” this nation had ample time to ensure the reality of his dream reaches everyone of us. The very sad fact though as a society we have pulled further away from that reality. The US and the world over are tempests filled with discontent, animosity distrust and hate.

Now, the question is this! What will it take to have a universal bond that binds us all into the fellowship of man? History tells us that when man is threatened by internal conflicts they beget more internal conflicts until an overwhelming force capitulates an opposing force. Today, with so many different internal conflicts around the world without one unifying factor that would appease all sides our world will soon self destruct.

The basic needs of human existence, fresh clean abundant water, nutritious food, shelter, adequate clothing, and efficient sanitation are not being met for millions right here in the United States and millions more through-out the world. It is too this end when Dr. King spoke “I have a dream” that we all share a common bond that would bind us all into that fellowship of humanity.

Unfortunately, history also tells us man is susceptible to succumb to his own internal conflicts of greed, lust, and hate. When that happens there has and continues to be these internal conflicts morph into violent confrontations that have led to histories violent struggles for supremacy. The world today continues in that direction and mankind continues chasing the dream of Dr. King. When will we ever learn?