God is Pure Energy Said the Wise Man

God is Pure Energy Said the Wise Man

9 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Often you will hear wise men speak of God as energy and not an actual being. Recently one stated to me that God was pure energy and that is why it is so hard for the human mind to understand. In fact a human brain is small and humans do not even use it all and therefore could not expect to understand these ideas.

The wise man stated; “Again when I speak of god I do not place any religious qualifications on a ultimate elder energy, only that it is ultimate, immaculate and indefinable by present human thought. Humans are made in the image of god with intelligence”

Actually you did, as your comments are contradictory; you see on one hand you say humans are weak minded, do not use all their brains and cannot understand god. Then you give them this backhanded compliment, which they surely do not deserve. Well most of what we call humans do not deserve such a comment; although a small percentage walking around as homo sapiens (carbon based bipeds) do.

If one wishes to worship something such as energy, the sun, or other forces that just are, they are free to do so and indeed it would not be new to recent human history or even ancient writings to worship such as a god, with you caveat; “Provided such a being does indeed exist” And of course provided if it did that you adopt this entity as you god. Consider all this in 2006.