Humans As Resources of the World

Humans As Resources of the World

2 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Humans are said to be different from animals because of their powerful minds. Human mind is used in many ways- thinking, analyzing and developing skills. Human resources are people’s skills and abilities to do something which can be used by a company or an organization for the betterment of humans themselves.

There are many newly established companies or organization that train, enable and employ people according to their interests and skills. These companies are called HR or Human Resource. They consider our abilities like other natural resources. In this sense humans are the wealth of the world. Any investment on humans never becomes worthless.

Developing a person’s health, education, skill and creativity power is to provide man power to the nation. These healthy people can have the maximum use of the nature without disturbing its natural quality. If a nation develops its citizens as human resource, certainly the nation becomes prosperous in many ways in a short period of time. If there is proper regulation and management of human resources, no one will be unemployed. People are born with unique skills and talents and the world is always in need of human labor in service.

In the under-developed countries school or colleges should adopt practical teaching- learning activities based on an individual’s interest, hobby and aim so that each student masters his or her skills and becomes an important manpower to the country or even the world. The production of ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’ cannot support a nation in the field of economic and social prosperity.