Police Learn Sign Language Alphabet – You Can Too!

Police Learn Sign Language Alphabet – You Can Too!

31 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Ever wanted to learn sign language alphabet, but somehow never found the strength to dive in at the deep end. Well two British police officers from Lancaster in England did just that and for their dedication and initiative shown to help their local community were praised for their efforts in May 2008.

Sgt Karen Hall, the Northern Division’s Equality and Diversity officer, arranged meetings at Lancaster Deaf Centre with Police Community Support Officer Laura Jolly. Both officers took Level 1 British Sign Language Alphabet Courses. Their aim was set set up meetings with the local deaf community so they can voice their concerns one on one and discuss issues and give advice on general crime prevention.

Linda Spencer, who is community officer for Deafway charity which operates the center, stated: “It is a fantastic idea and one that is well overdue. Deafness is in many ways a hidden disability but meetings like this are helping bridge the gap”.

I think this is a wonderful example of personal effort put in by these two officers to help bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf communities. The initial feedback is said to have surprised the officers and also shamed them in some respects as they discovered there was so much information that they had previously been neglecting and missing.

Deaf people have particular problems and fortunately in this small part of the world, now have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. They also have the new opportunity under a new scheme to send a Text message for emergency calls.