Promotional Wristbands – A Case Study

Promotional Wristbands – A Case Study

10 Φεβρουαρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Amnesty International is known for its promotion which reaches a worldwide audience and cause a great impact on them. It is a global organization which works for the betterment of human rights by conducting concerts, which become a huge hit due to the participation of celebrities and glitterati.

In addition to fighting for human rights, they also fight to bring truth and wisdom to people who demand it, to stop blocking and filtering of web sites, to stop suppression of journalists and writers. Amnesty Australia, held a charity concert in order to raise the public awareness in China about their overt restriction of Internet rights and expressions. For this event, they wanted to promote this issue among the youth population that would have an impact on them without being overly preachy.

A series of cotton, elastic, heavyweight wristbands were fashioned in attractive colours of yellow. It had the word “Uncensor” with a laconic, lucid, mobilizing message inscribed on it. It also had an URL where the recipients could gain knowledge about these restrictions and join in this fight.

Amnesty was able to productively recruit support and consciousness for its heart rendering cause. It represented camaraderie and support of the attendees. As they were fashionable, they became a huge success across the world. It travelled to London marathon and then, to Australia to feature in a movie. It even became a hit at summer festivals and many Universities. The triumph of this was shown in the demand to supply ratio of these bands. Thus, Amnesty could get across its message in a cost productive way.