Thank You Letter – To My Hero Of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi

Thank You Letter – To My Hero Of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi

15 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

This is a thank you letter to one of the most honored ambassadors of peace the world has ever had the privilege to know. I now I am not alone in my admiration and gratitude for the man who has moved so many to the pursuit of harmony and equality.

Dear Gandhi,

Of course there is no way you know me. I was born long after your death on that fateful day in January as you were about to address a prayer meeting. I live thousands of miles away from where you advocated your movement for freedom. But I learned of you and since then have been in awe of what you have accomplished and how you went about it.

Mahatma Gandhi thank you for being such a courageous ambassador of peace that even decades after your death, the legacy you left continues to imprint an indelible mark on the people who hear your story, just like me.

You are my hero of peace. You were one of the first and most well-known promoters of resolution through non-violence. You displayed a resolute passion for the sanctity and preservation of human life and proved that the success of a person or a cause is not always won through physical brutality or force.

You are my hero of freedom. The Indian independence movement that you helped mold inspired so many other movements for freedom across the world. But it is not only liberty from political bondage that you advocated but from all things that limit us, like our fears and insecurities, in our struggle to achieve and recognize our true potential. And for this, I’m sending you this thank you letter.

You are my champion of human rights. In a time of inequality on almost all social contexts, you fought for the rights of women, the poor, the religiously oppressed, and the physically abused. And your actions have instilled in me a greater understanding of equality and its importance.

Mahatma Gandhi, accept my thank you letter. You may not know me but you have changed me and the way I see the world. You have made me appreciate the liberty I am experiencing and taught me that this is something I should cherish and safeguard always. You have made me recognize the value of peace and truth. But above all, you have taught me selflessness and the ideal of creating something that is bigger than myself and will affect not only me but others as well. I will never achieve the greatness you have but because of your life story, everyday I am trying to do what I can to help others and appreciate what I have.

Respectfully yours,

Raffy Chan