The Dragon Mythology and Why the Tattoos Are So Poplar in the East

The Dragon Mythology and Why the Tattoos Are So Poplar in the East

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Dragon Mythology

No one knows precisely when human beings started applying body tattoos, but all historical evidence show that this form of art is almost as old as human civilization. Historians have also proposed that it is one of the earliest forms of art. If you think of tattoos, then one of the pictures that come to your mind is probably a dragon tattoo. Despite being very attractive, this tattoo is also one of the most widespread as it can be found in most cultures from East to West.

To understand why these tattoos are so popular, it would be significant first to comprehend the mythology behind the creature that forms the subject of this tattoo. A dragon has many definitions, but the Standard English dictionary defines it as a giant mythical and scaly serpent that usually has a crested head and also giant claws.

The dragon is represented differently in different cultures for example in the west it is described as a giant winged reptile that breathes fire. There are many mythical creatures across different cultures but very few if at all any can be found in as many cultures as the dragoon.

In the various cultures that the dragon can be found there is always a different perception of this creature. In the West, the Dragon is viewed as an evil or merciless being that brings destruction to mankind by burning homesteads and taking away livestock. It is also known to have a massive treasure hoard and people are always trying to find a way to steal the treasure from the dragon, but the dragon protects its hoard with all its might. However, in some cases the dragon is also perceived as benevolent and protective in the west. This dragons protected mankind from other mythical creatures and were also used in battles.

In the East, the dragon is viewed differently as it is not considered to be as evil as people in the West believe it to be. In the Eastern cultures, the dragon is perceived as a benevolent creature that aims at protecting mankind sing its supernatural powers. The eastern dragon is also quite different from the western dragon that adopts a primitive lizard look. The Eastern Dragon is a giant serpent-like creature with a long body and two sets of legs. In the East, dragons can be found in the Korean, Japanese and Chinese cultures. The oldest dragons in the East come from the Chinese culture, and they are most linked to religion. Buddhist temples are adorned with dragons in both carvings and paintings to show the special place they hold in this religion.

Legends behind dragon tattoos

Of all the dragon tattoos that you can have few if at all if any are as legendary as Chinese dragons. The ancient Chinese dragons are said symbolize cosmic energy and are a symbol of good fortune. Most people have these tattoos because they believe that it will bring them luck and make life better for them. Besides from this legend has it that dragons have an array of good qualities that will benefit your life. For example, they lead to infinite success, high achievements in life and prosperity beyond your wildest imaginations.

There are many legends surrounding these tattoos, but the Nine Dragons Legend is perhaps the most well known one. This is probably also the reason the nine dragon tattoo is very popular. The legend comes from the name given to the mainland overlooking Hong Kong; Kowloon. This area was named by a Chinese Emperor, who named it after the eight predominant hills in the area. After the emperor was forced to go into exile one of his loyal servants, so it was befitting to count the emperor among the regal figures in the area and hence the name Kowloon which means nine dragons was born.

Each one the nine dragons represent a particular characteristic and so if you have the tattoo you will benefit from the advantage that it brings. For example, the P’u-lao serves as a protector and will alert you to any impending danger. The Pa-hsia, on the other hand, is the provider of the strength. By having any of the nine dragons you will enjoy the powers of that specific dragon according to legend.

What makes these tattoos so popular in the East?

These tattoos are famous across the world but in the East they seem to hold a very special place. In fact when a person goes to get a tattoo the chances are that he or she is most likely to request for a dragon tattoo is they do not already have one. The main reason behind this is that culture and beliefs are more important in the East compared to the West.

Although there is no physical evidence of the existence of dragons in real life they are depicted as wise powerful and free creatures, and this also acts as an inspiration for people to have their tattoos. Stories of dragons have been passed down in Easter cultures for generations. These stories create a fascination with the younger generation, and this is what drives them to get these tattoos.

Unlike in the west where dragons are merciless creatures in the East they adapt the opposite characteristics with protection being one of the main things that they promise to offer human beings. Instead of getting any other tattoos most people will prefer to go for these tattoos that will also provide them protection against various types of dangers.

Dragon images look great on the skin compared to many other tattoos and so this is also one of the reasons that make it so popular in the east. Due to the nature and appearance of this tattoo it will look well on any skin regardless of its color and complexion. Over the years, tattoo artists have perfected the dragon image, and so you are likely to get a perfect tattoo when you have it.

This is normally very massive which gives it more appeal for people in the East who mostly do not like having very many tattoos on their body like in the West. Instead of drawing many tattoos on your body the dragon tattoo makes it possible to have one that covers a large area in your body.