The Evolution Revolution: Let Freedom Ring

The Evolution Revolution: Let Freedom Ring

20 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Our precious United States of America was founded upon the principles of brotherhood, equality and universal freedoms-predicated upon the inalienable rights of its constituents. Yet in a scant two hundred years, rather than lead the world toward peace and prosperity, it has become a leader in greed and exploitation. Like the Roman Empire before its fall, this society is rife with corruption and hedonism.

The time has come for We the People to assume the responsibility bestown upon us and activate the role that our great country was always destined to play: that of leading the world into an era of Peace on Earth and Good Will to All. These concepts are not platitudes meant for greeting cards, to be trotted out for a season of assuaging guilt and spreading good cheer, but as tenets to live by.

The time has come for We the People to awaken out of the trance we have been laboring under, and, like Sleeping Beauty awakened by her Prince, find True Love at last.

True Love: Kindness and compassion-not bigger, better, more.

True Love: Goodness and mercy-not consume until you puke.

True Love: Righteousness and non-violence-not imposing our will on other sovereign states.

Martin Luther King had a dream. And he was assassinated.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy had a vision. And he was assassinated.

But We the People are a multitude, and they cannot kill us all.

We the People are already carrying the torch of Truth all over the planet. We the People are already shining the Light of Love all over the planet. We the People are already spreading the Peace that passeth understanding all over the planet. We the People might be a minority in numbers but we are mighty in our conviction.

We are not united yet, except by our humanity. We are not recognizable yet, except by our integrity. We are not citizens of one nation, or practitioners of one religion; we are not members of a single race-but we all speak the same language: the language of Love and Brotherhood.

We love and respect the Creation and our neighbor as our Self. We do not practice an eye for an eye, but turn the other cheek; and demonstrate not by words but deeds how we would like our world to be: caring for each other and making sure there is enough for all. We are not involved with the superficial, caught up in appearance, but concerned with substance and deeply connected to an inner essence, a Higher Reality.

We the People, of every nation, every race and every creed, are walking the walk all over this planet, the Evolution Revolution is happening-quietly, pervasively, persistently-and it’s time to let our united voice be heard.

The United States of America is destined to play a role in this Evolution Revolution. Not as a bully, but as a benevolent model. And the universe that is Hollywood, with its attendant planets and stars possessing the power and means to lead, must do so. Hollywood must bring the message to the individuals who make up the multitude that they are not alone:

You are not single drops falling on parched earth, but part of a huge Ocean of Love, a great tide of Consciousness that is sweeping the Earth and establishing Itself in every nook and cranny.

We must come together and speak with One Voice.

We must let the language of Love ring out around the world.

We must demonstrate our sister/brotherhood as a single humanity, and refuse to accept or condone oppression in any guise: there can be no moral or legal justification for tyranny or oppression.

“…from every mountaintop-let Freedom ring.”