The State of the Christian and Islamic Society

The State of the Christian and Islamic Society

16 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

The crisis in Nigeria still looms. Practically the world believes that the killing in Jos-Plateau is politically influenced. The Nigerian Civil Right Group sits in a helpless situation.

Nigeria as a Nation as long being led by military regimes for such a long time, so the issue of human rights is not fully recognized. The question is, is there any phrase or word like HUMAN RIGHTS in Nigeria? Nigeria is a country where rights are highly abuse and denied. The Jos-Plateau crisis can be trace back to Obansanjo regimes as the then president of Nigeria in 2004. The crisis then was not addressed properly so now of what effect will this present administration do to battle the situation to a standstill?

The speech of the Libyan President Gaddafi seems nothing new to every Nigerian, but stands as a truth to remedy the nation’s present situation.

There have been so many blood shed between the Christian and Islamic society. Nigeria seems to be a country where the two religions cannot work hand in hand together to achieve one aim, one goal…it is indeed so sad. And both faiths are doing enough to remedy the situation

Which way Nigeria? There must be a solution. The United States of America (US) has accused “certain influential Nigerian politicians” of being behind “the predictable circle of killings in Jos.” Which is very true to the core. Now the question is, will the manipulators be caught and brought to justice? The world is watching and waiting.