Three Types of Brazilian Music

Three Types of Brazilian Music

5 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

With the season of Carnival in full swing, it is probably a good time to discuss the different types of music that have come from Brazil and that have become an instrumental part of Brazilian culture. There are many different types of music in Brazil because there have been many different cultures that have shaped the music industry in the country. If you are a fan of a karaoke machine, there are plenty of those and the Magic Microphones that accompany the machines to be had because this type of music is very popular in the country. The three most popular types music in Brazil are Afro-Brazilian Hip Hop, bossa nova and samba. Each has their own tale of Brazilian history to tell.

The Afro-Brazilian Hip Hop genre is the most recent of the three to become a part of Brazilian culture. It is a mix of rhythms from African culture and Native Brazilian Indian culture. Unlike in the United States, there is no specific segment of the population for which this type of music is intended. In Brazil, all different types of people listen to this kind of music. It has had a lot of influence over the past decade over music in other parts of the globe, since the rise of the internet, where people can share rhythms and beats across country lines.

The bossa nova genre was founded in the 1950s by Joao Gilberto and is considered by many to be the Latin version of jazz. It was developed and made popular in the more upper class communities on the coast of Brazil. This type of music was well-liked by the younger crowd, mainly people in their early twenties. Bossa nova also had a major influence on American musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and even Frank Sinatra. It has been known since its creation to be a branch of the samba genre.

Finally, samba is not only a dance it is a type of Brazilian music as well. Unlike bossa nova, the samba genre developed in poor areas of the country, called favelas. Also, unlike bossa nova, samba music was influenced by American musicians during and after the 1940s, the World War II era. It is similar to bossa nova in the fact that it has its roots in the same city, which is Rio de Janeiro. It is a very fast-paced type of music and is still extremely popular today, especially when it comes to the big Carnival celebration. This genre is known as a fusion between European, mainly Portuguese, and African, mainly Western African rhythms.

Interestingly enough, these are only three of the major types of music that have come from the culture of Brazil. Today, Brazilian music is gaining more and more notoriety because of digital mediums that allow music to be transferred all over the globe. Also, these three kinds of music are still influencing other types of music in many different parts of the world, because of these genres’ mix of Native Indian, European, and African influences. Chances are, at least five of the songs you listen to in one day can be traced back to Brazilian music.