To Get Your Boyfriend Back Make Him Want You Back

To Get Your Boyfriend Back Make Him Want You Back

26 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

I do not like game playing, I do not do it well, and I always seem to end up the loser. I do not know why people feel the need to do it. I know some people just seem to get a kick out of it, but it is beyond me for the why and how. I do not know why someone cannot just be straight with me, do what they say, say what they do. Especially someone who is supposed to love me. Having fallen foul of a game-playing partner I speak from experience! If only everyone was straight and honest with each other life would be so much easier, OK yes, and world peace would be nice too, and is about as likely!

Now, having said that I am going to totally contradict myself, but bear with me. Even though I hate game playing, when you have split up with your partner and want to win them back you have to do some of it. I do not mean anything nasty or psychologically damaging. Even if like me you hate it, it is a necessary evil to get your ex back.

You may have always been totally straight and honest with your partner, but this is not the time to be. You need to play your cards close to your chest and keep your feelings and intentions to yourself by actions as well as words. And if you are anything like me, learn to hide your feelings, anyone who knows me only has to look at my face to know exactly how I feel, I like to think of it as openness, but in this instance it is not a good thing.

Also I would be very careful in whom you confide, make sure it is someone you can really trust. You do not want anything getting back to your ex. Or worse still an unscrupulous female who you think is your friend may have her eye on him for herself and may use it against you.

If you bump into your him it is very difficult to hide your feelings when your heart is pounding and your legs have turned to jelly, and you are reminded of why you still love him and want him back. But you have to.

You have to play the long game. You have to make him want you back, and always being available to him is not the way to do it. If he calls say you are on your way out or busy. If he wants to see you be doing something else. Make him think you are moving on. This may even mean going out on dates. Nothing serious, I do not mean lead anyone on, just a casual night with a guy. And if you could make sure it gets back to your ex that is even better. The unobtainable is very attractive.

Although seeing him when you are out socialising can be difficult let him or his friends see you out enjoying yourself. You do not have to stay where he is, just meet your friends there or have one drink. Take no notice of him, just as if he is not there. If he speaks to you answer him briefly, just like he is an acquaintance and carry on with what you are doing as if that is more important. You want him to think you are not interested.

It will be difficult doing these things at first, especially if it is not in your nature. When all you want to do is see him or talk to him walking away or putting the phone down is hard. But remember this is the long game and you will reap the benefits in the end.