Valuable Insights For Getting Rid of Illusions to Find True Happiness

Valuable Insights For Getting Rid of Illusions to Find True Happiness

15 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Human beings always seek happiness at every stage in their life. Finding true happiness has been in everybody’s wish list as most people believe they are not satisfied with their present lifestyle due to some reason or other. We generally tend to yearn for more than what we presently have and that is the root cause of all discontentment, despair and depression. In the quest to bring true happiness into our life, we always look up to spiritual leaders, religious teachers and gurus to make us more content. But, the source of happiness truly lies within us and all we need to do is to remove illusions that we possess regarding our life.

An illusion can be defined as an erroneous mental representation that greatly influences our thinking, attitude and aspiration. It can entice you to believe in and get carried away by whatever it is proposing. Ultimately, people find themselves treading a path that brings them disappointment. So, once you win over your illusions, you can be a person with true happiness.

An optical illusion is the commonest form of illusion known by all. It is frequently portrayed by visually sensed images that are delusory or misleading. Hence, the information collected by the eye is sent to the brain that processes it to form a perception, not matching the physical dimension of the stimulation source. Eventually, we can say the working of our brain is the foundation of an illusion possessed by us. There are also other forms of illusion such as auditory illusions and tactile illusions, related to hearing and touching respectively.

The cause of illusion in a human being can sometimes be attributed to his false ego that coerces him to perceive things in his own manner without giving due regards to the actual facts. Here the actual problem begins as the person goes deep into sadness if things do not fall in place in accordance with his baseless illusions. Depression is a serious issue found mostly in teenagers who do not hesitate to harm their own bodies. The ultimate question is: how can we overcome illusions to stay happy?

In this world full of sorrows and deceits, one leads a life with numerous mental and emotional problems inside oneself. The best way to deal with them is adopting a realistic approach. You need to attain wisdom by transforming your mind and soul. According to some experts, you can do this through regular meditation and reflection. Try to live in the present and steer clear of anticipation as engrossing yourself in both past and present events leads to illusions too.

Once you explore your internal peace, you can work towards restoring world peace by playing a significant role in your family, locality or everywhere. Everybody wants to have more and more happy moments. But, an extremely happy event doses not last for longer and we’ll soon revert to our normal state. Therefore, we should ensure one thing that we don’t fall prey to illusions in the anticipation of happiness.

In the end, getting rid of illusions to find true happiness depends upon a person’s personality and philosophy. However, people should make efforts to get a deeper understanding of their mind, soul and body and should coordinate them to be better aware of how to remove illusions.