Zimbabwe, Lancaster House Agreement and The Rest is History

Zimbabwe, Lancaster House Agreement and The Rest is History

18 Οκτωβρίου, 2022 0 By admin

Zimbabwe is I terrible shape economically and there are issues with the climate that are taking a further toll on the nation’s people. How did things get so bad? Why were the white landowners forced off their property, some killed? Well there is a bit of untold history there and neither side is completely without fault of course.

One thing history has shown us with regards to the cycles of human civilizations and rulers is that not everything is so easily defined. Often, civil wars and troublesome times in human history have similar outcomes and the events after a while become predicable.

Indeed, there is always a problem when negotiating with guerrillas, rebels and the would be Princes that supposedly come from the people as loved and respected leaders only to show their true colors once they seize the power. This is typical and has played out over and over again in history. No deal or negotiation is ever 100% black and white.

History and its victors will always re-write what was, sometimes we learn the truth, sometimes we don’t, but safe it to say it is never black and white. Perhaps another reason we must be wise to not look back for blame, but rather forward to mend, while understanding the past showing a road map to the land mines, which lie on our chosen path to right the wrongs and in this case put ZIM back on the International Map.

Please think on this and consider the implications, when determining where you place your support in the future. Think about the whole picture in coming up with a total plan – this is my message to the world today: